New Bailout Bill in Senate


It looks like the Senate is moving forward today with a new bailout bill, which is available through the Senate Banking committee site.

A mirrored copy, and an embeddable version are both available below.

We’re working on parsing the legislation to get it up on, but until Congress starts publishing bills in XML, parsing it is time consuming. Updates shortly. Update 12:15 PM: Here’s the embedded version:

Update, 12:21 PM: Here’s a mirrored version of the PDF.

Update 1:05 PM: Also, for additional info, see the one page and section-by-section analysis posted to the Senate Banking Committee site here.

Update 1:52 PM: For the plan for Senate floor consideration, see the Senate Calendar here.

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  • James

    Oh never mind, I see that there are three Divisions, A, B, and C, with overlapping section numbers.

  • James

    Why does the Table of Contents and the Senate committee’s section-by-section analysis only go up to Section 303 on p. 273, but p. 450 ends with Section 801?

  • Jon McPhee

    Of course “they” know, the lobbyists and other folks who contributed this fog of language to cover and obscure what’s really an Anschluss-and-Krystallnacht all in one. “We” get to find out, one paper cut at a time. This is the death knell for what’s left of “democracy” in America.

  • Jon Fisher

    What? Three days and they’ve added 351 pages and they plan to vote tonight? Do they even know what is in here?