Senate Bailout Text on PublicMarkup


As the Senate moves forward today with the newest version of the bailout bill (now being referred to as the “rescue plan”), Sunlight has been feverishly parsing the text of the new proposal, as provided by the Senate Banking Committee.

We have finished the first part of the bill, Division A, which is now posted for review and commentary on

If Congress released the data behind the bills they consider, in real time, at the same time as bills are released, then public review and processing would be much MUCH easier. (Details on what that would take are available in this chapter of the Open House Project report.)

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  • Snowflake Seven

    Thank you Sunlight Foundation for your hard work re-publishing the legislation in a more useful format. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Lisa Morgan

    Let’s invest in ourselves. Divide that money amound all U.S. citizen tax-payers. Now we can pay off our own debts, secure our own retirement, and stimulate the economy. Give it to Wash/Wall St and it will be squandered. Give it to main St. and it will be invested wisely. The wealth of the masses lift the country. They wealth of the rich just piss on everyone else.