Utah aims to create its own Youtube!


From Municipalist

As more states investigate use of YouTube as a multimedia portal (see California and Virginia), the state of Utah is working at building its own video platform. Dave Fletcher, the State of Utah’s Chief Technology Officer, says he is not only excited about Utah GovCast as it is, but about its potential. “More is happening,” he says simply. Is it ever.

The site now provides a video search for several hundred videos as well as access to almost 30 different multimedia channels in Utah government,” Fletcher told Municipalist.

“Previously video content on Utah.gov had been uncoordinated and difficult to find,” Fletcher said. “We wanted to create a home for multimedia content that would eliminate this problem.

“We hope eventually to get everyone using a more standard format which will allow us to move to an even more visually appealing functional site in the future. We are also developing a better coordinated Utah.gov YouTube site that will be available in the near future.

“At the same time, we hoped to gain some momentum with agencies by making it easy for them as well to see what others are doing and benefit from their ideas.” Fletcher recommended these videos: Wasatch Fault FlybyUtah Is the Answer, and Utah Golf. Fletcher pointed out that Utah also has various YouTube channels which are somewhat consolidated here.

This is very cool. I hope make the videos embeddable and downloadable.  After Congress finally loosened its YouTube restrictions it is great to the states moving in a positive direction as well.  Excellent work Utah.  Can I suggest calling it Utahbe!