Transition Recommendations


Lots of folks are starting to think about the transition to a new Administration.  We know of at least 2 dozen such efforts thus far.  And so we’ll blog about them as they start to get released. 

POGO, the Project on Government Oversight, just released a list of recommendations of major reforms they believe the new presidential administration should adopt to make the federal government more effective, accountable, open, and honest. And we sure like their list! POGO sent their list to both the McCain and Obama transition teams.

As Mandy Smithberger writes at the POGO blog, they are advising the transition teams to making agency missions more modern and relevant, keeping government’s role federalized, protecting whistleblowers, stopping the revolving door between government and private industry, strengthen the Freedom of Information Act and other transparency reforms, and other reforms to provide better government oversight.

Our friends at POGO say their recommendations, if implemented, will make the federal government work more efficiently, as well as shrink the cost of government. As the report states, “the initial costs of these reforms will be more than offset by the longterm savings for the taxpayer.”