Keeping Tabs on Congress


I don’t know about you but I never have enough time in the morning to catch up on all the government transparency Web sites that I follow. But our staff has become really big on services like Netvibes which offer a great way to custom-build a Web page around the news and information you like to stay on top of using RSS feeds and widgets.

So the Sunlight communications team (thanks, Lizzie!)  has created just such a customized bird’s eye view of what’s happening with our projects and grantees. Sunlight’s Netvibes Universe is now available as a public collection of the RSS feeds and widgets created by Sunlight and our partners. Head over to Sunlight’s Universe (how epic, right?), to become Sunlight’s friend, to keep up with the latest news from the major players in the sphere of online government information or to cherry pick the feeds you want to follow. You can also find Sunlight’s presence on social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, and grab widgets from the Sunlight government transparency “ecosystem.”

Sunlight also collected in Netvibes all those bloggers highlighted in outreach manager Nisha Thompson’s Local Sunlight roundup who keep the sunlight shining on municipal and state governments.

Let us know what you think.