Dear Public: Arizona needs your help with the budget!


As reported by Government Technology:

Arizona just launched a new Web site, Arizona’s Openness and Saving Strategies Project.  From the site:

These are tight times, and Arizona’s budget is no exception. That’s why we need to find every good idea we can, and put those ideas to work to help state government agencies save money. This site contains news about Arizona’s budget, as well as examples of savings strategies that have already been implemented in Arizona and are working now. State employees can also use this site to find cost-saving measures in use at other agencies. Just as importantly, you will find ways to Submit Your Own Ideas to help our state cut back even further.

This new project opens up the buget process so state agencies can collaborate with each other and citizens can share their ideas for saving money with officals.  It also has budget related news and gives information on how the state budget is produced.

With this project Arizona is really exploring new ways to deal with its budget deficit.  Not to mention that inviting the community at large to participate in fixing their state financial problems empowers citizens to really invest in their state and not just hope politicians will fix it.   I wish Congress would think about more ways like this to involve the wisdom of the masses to help solve problems.  It would be very democratic of them.