Find My District


Ed Bender, executive director of the National Institute on Money in State Politics, a Sunlight grantee, emailed me about a neat new function they’ve developed on their Web site just in time for Election Day. The function, Find My District, gives users a complete list of state candidates, from state house/assembly races up through all statewide contests, running in their district. The user inputs their physical address, and the site provides the list of candidates for that district, and it also provides a Google Map showing the user’s location. The function doesn’t seem to work for us forlorn and disenfranchised District of Columbia voters. (But of course, the District’s not a state, just a colony. I digress, however.)

The site also provides information from each state on candidate fundraising, who’s giving, ballot measures (if applicable), party committees, and data sources.

Greg Elin, one of our senior Labs gurus checked it out and thinks it’s fabulous. He said he was muchly impressed by all the information the site provides. He also gave it kudos for ease of navigation.

Congratulations to Ed and his team for creating this very useful and timely Find My District tool.