asks for, well, Change!

by is asking people to submit ideas and then vote them up. The top ideas will be submitted to the Obama Administration during inauguration. Our always intrepid Board Member Craig Newmark submitted the cause Act Now for Transparency!

Now is definitely the time to act. Vote for Transparency and let’s send a message to the new administration that we are serious about a real open and accountable government.

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  • Tom,

    Thanks for the comment. I think you should suggest the idea to and to You should also float the idea to TechPresident. It would be great for the site to be able to aggregate recommendations.

    Nisha Thompson
    Sunlight Foundation

  • Tom

    I was hoping you guys could help me with something. I read this blog posting and then an article called “Wired Whitehouse” about how Obama’s campaign has led to an increase in online activism. One trend in particular is a lot of sites using the Digg model to post ideas about what people want the campaign to do. Unfortunately, all of these sites are working separately! What is the point of aggregating all of these ideas if they are just going to be separate anyway?

    It was my hope that you guys at Wikinomics might encourage these sites ( isn’t mentioned in the article) to work together to form an agenda for the new administration. I think using semantic web technologies they could easily cut down on redundancies in the submitted ideas and turn this “Digged” agenda into a request to be taken seriously. If only did this. Sigh…

    Let me know if you guys can help. Keep up the good work!