Memo to Obama: 10 Ways to Use Web Video and Multimedia


After my post this morning about how the next Administration can make their communications more interactive, I ran across a nice piece by Dan Manatt, founder of and TechPresident contributor, who wrote the Obama Tech Team a memo giving advice on what Web video programs they should create and implement to better govern.

Dan says:

Your campaign platform on digital democracy, ethics and transparency, lays out an excellent roadmap to begin bringing the Presidency into the 21st century. And of course the speculation has already begun on how will morph into – and what becomes of….

The technological transformation of the presidency – and its use of technology to make the executive branch more responsive, interactive, and transparent – can, from day one, be the first great achievement and legacy of the Obama Presidency. It can also be a means to continue togenerate political good will and capital – commodities that often evaporate quickly after a typical presidential honeymoon. So it not only makes good policy sense, it makes good political sense.

Here’s the short version:

(1); (2) Weekly Obama Webcast; (3) GovTube; (4) Video Content on Non-Governmental sites; (5) in every executive branch agency, create New Media, Transparency, and Technology offices; (6) have cabinet members/agency heads give monthly Webcasts; (7) Webcast the Inauguration; (8) make the State of the Union an interactive, multimedia event; (9) make the President’s annual budget a digital, multimedia document; (10) enact all of this and more first by executive order, then through legislation, so future Administrations can’t just hard reboot your digital legacy.

Check out the full post.