My Political Notebook


The team from OpenCongress has done it again: added another really useful new feature “My Political Notebook” (MyPN) where, as their tagline says, you can save and share your favorite political content from around the web. MyPN gives you a new way to easily grab news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, and more and save them to your personal page in seconds. By building your own unique notebook you can easily follow all the things you’re interested in the world of politics. As David Moore, OpenCongress’ executive director, writes in an email announcing their new feature, “My Political Notebook gives you a new place to save and share what’s really happening in Congress.”  (I was so obsessed with adding items there late yesterday that I ran out of time to write this post!)

You have to be registered with OpenCongress to get started. Once there, check the upper right-hand corner of the screen to find the link for “My Political Notebook.”

Donny Shaw, an OpenCongress blogger, invites new users to follow his notebook in order to get a sense of MyPN in action. As Donny advises, by using an RSS reader such as Google Reader or My Yahoo, you can get automatic updates every time he posts new content to his notebook (more info on how to use RSS here). OpenCongress will be making MyPN into a free widget for your website, a Facebook app, and more.

I personally find this new feature extremely useful. I read a ton of things every day that I want to share with folks and this makes all that so easy. You’re welcome to check in on my Political Notebook to see if the stuff that catches my eye is of interest to you too.