Policy Review: An Introduction


Starting today, you’ll be seeing blog posts three times a week on the Sunlight Foundation blog.

Building on the enthusiastic spirit of reform chronicled by Gabriela in our recently posted Open Letter to the Obama Administration, Sunlight staff will be reviewing and analyzing reform recommendations as prepared by our peers, like OMBWatch, the Constitution Project, or the Sunshine in Government Initiative.

While the recently envigorated world of transition white papers can be dauntingly complex, as even a quick look at our Congresspedia page on transition resources will attest, we believe that policy is at its best when it’s developed and discussed in public.

Many of the recommendations we’ll be reviewing have been prepared by large communities of experts and stakeholders, and we want to be sure that all of their hard work gets the exposure it deserves.

To make it easier to follow along as the posts are published, all of the policy review posts will be tagged “policyreview,” which you can see through this page, or you can just watch for “PolicyReview” in the title of Sunlight blog posts.

We expect to learn a great deal by going through all of the detailed recommendations prepared for the incoming administration, and we hope that you will too.