More On The Bailout Oversight Hold


TPM Muckraker has been all over the hold placed on the nomination of Neil Barofsky to lead the oversight of the bailout. All signs point to the initial suspect, Sen. Jim Bunning. If Bunning stays shut like a bad clam, the identity will have to come out in a few days anyways. In replying to my post from two days ago, Kagro X writes at Congress Matters:

I actually count three session days since Chairman Dodd’s November 21st statement noting the hold — pro forma sessions on the 24th, 26th and 29th. The calendar at Majority Leader Reid’s site lists a pro forma session for yesterday, December 2nd, with another scheduled for Friday, plus a working session on Monday. That’d take us to six session days since Dodd’s acknowledgment of the hold, which may or may not have been in place for a few days prior to the Dodd statement.

So in all likelihood, next week will see us pass the necessary sixth session day required under the new rule, and we’ll know who the chowderhead behind this delay is.