A Little Sunlight on Congress


Since there are so many unflattering stories about lawmakers right now, I figured they could be condensed into one quick post.

Sen. Norm Coleman, still subject to a recount in his Minnesota Senate race, is facing a possible FBI probe as the Bureau announced that they are undertaking a preliminary investigation into the role a long time Coleman benefactor may have played in steering money to the senator. The preliminary investigation is based on allegations that Nasser Kazeminy attempted to steer $100,000 to Coleman through his wife’s employer.

The House Ethics Committee is expanding its investigation into Rep. Charles Rangel to include allegations that contributions made to the Charles B. Rangel School for Public Service induced the congressman to change his position on legislation that would effect the donor.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rep. Luis Gutierrez has made close to half a million dollars in real estate deals with campaign contributors. In some instances Gutierrez purchased the property and then, a few months later, sold the property back to the previous seller for tens, and sometimes hundreds, of thousands of dollars. You can review the congressman’s personal finances at Open Secrets.