Auto Bailout Voting Patterns Part II


As mentioned in the previous post on voting during the auto bailout, many of the Democrats voting against the bill represent districts that house foreign automotive plants, the potential benficiaries of the collapse of the Big Three. In this post, I’ll look at the existence of Big Three plants in the districts of the 32 Republicans who voted for the auto bailout. These numbers are a bit more definitive than the data on Democrats voting “No”:

Name State Plant in District Location/Plant in State
Barton, Joe TX No Plant in State
Buyer, Steve IN Yes Bedford, IN
Camp, Dave MI Yes Michigan
Capito, Shelley Moore WV Yes Martinsville, WV
Castle, Mike DE Yes Wilmington, DE
Ehlers, Vern MI Yes Michigan
English, Phil PA No Plant in State
Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ No
Hoekstra, Pete MI Yes Michigan
Hunter, Duncan CA No Plant in State
King, Pete NY No Plant in State
Knollenberg, Joe MI Yes Michigan
LaHood, Ray IL No Plant in State
LaTourette, Steve OH No Plants operate in adjacent district
Manzullo, Don IL No Plant in State
McCotter, Thaddeus MI Yes Michigan
McCrery, Jim LA Yes Shreveport, LA
McHugh, John NY Yes Massena, NY
Miller, Candice MI Yes Michigan
Murphy, Tim PA Yes Pittsburgh, PA (represents suburbs of city)
Porter, Jon NV No Plant in State
Ramstad, Jim MN Yes Minneapolis, MN (represents suburbs of city)
Regula, Ralph OH Yes Mansfield, OH
Rogers, Mike MI Yes Michigan
Ryan, Paul WI Yes Janesville, WI
Smith, Chris NJ No
Souder, Mark IN Yes Roanoke, IN
Upton, Fred MI Yes Michigan
Walsh, Jim NY No Plant in State
Young, Don AK No

Of the 32 Republicans voting for the auto bailout, 19 of them represent districts containing a Big Three plant (59.4%). When including lawmakers that represent states with Big Three plants in them that number jumps to 28 out of 32 (88%).