Auto Bailout Voting Patterns


Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted on the Big Three bailout plan (see it here). The proposal passed by a vote of 237-170, with most Democrats supporting and most Republicans opposing. Considering the recent spate of articles linking bailout opposing Senators to the foreign automotive industry (see this Boston Globe piece in particular), I figured it would be worth it to take a look at the Democrats who voted “No” on the bailout. Do they hail from districts or states that house foreign automotive factories? In their case, the verdict is split:

Name State Plant in District Location/Plant in State
Boyd, Allen FL No
Butterfield, G.K. GA Yes Black Creek, NC; Northhampton County, NC
Cardoza, Dennis CA No Plants in state
Childers, Travis MS Yes Blue Springs, MS
Cooper, Jim TN Yes Smyrna, TN
Davis, Artur AL Yes Hope Hull, AL
Filner, Bob CA No Plant operates in state
Giffords, Gabrielle AZ No
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie SD No
Kagen, Steve WI No
Marshall, Jim GA Yes West Point, GA
Matheson, Jim UT No
McIntyre, Mike NC No Plants operate in state
Mitchell, Harry AZ No
Peterson, Collin MN No
Rahall, Nick WV No Plants operate in state
Rodriguez, Ciro TX Yes El Paso, Texas pursuing foreign auto contract
Shuler, Heath NC Yes Buncombe County, NC
Stark, Pete CA Yes Fremont, CA
Walz, Tim MN No

Of the twenty Democratic lawmakers voting “No,” ten represent districts with foreign automotive plants (this includes Rep. Ciro Rodriguez who represents El Paso, TX, which is actively courting foreign auto companies to build a plant in the city). If the lawmakers representing states with foreign plants are included that number jumps twelve out of twenty, or 60%.

While constituent concerns may trump party identification in this case, these lawmakers may simply be opposed to bailouts. Twelve of the twenty lawmakers voted against the financial bailout and the auto bailout. Of the eight lawmakers voting for the financial bailout and against the auto bailout four of them represent districts or states that house foreign auto plants.

More on Republicans voting “Yes” later.