Clinton Foundation releases donor list;


…and, thanks to my Sunlight colleague Larry Makinson and, we’ve got it available in a database format. The source material is here, but I couldn’t get into the first page (glad that Larry could).

It would be interesting to see what issues the donors are interested in, where they come from, what their own economic interests are, and whether these could potentially create conflicts of interest for Sen. Hillary Clinton, our next Secretary of State.

Contributors to the foundation include governments of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Jamaica, Oman and Brunei have contributed, as have government lobbying arms like the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office — we should be concerned that the government of Saudi Arabia has contributed somewhere between $10 and $25 million to a foundation run by the spouse of our highest ranking foreign policy official.

Maybe I’ll add some fields and some data if (that’s often a big if) I have a little down time today or tomorrow. And feel free to add information in comments.

I should also note that disclosing this information isn’t required by any law (but should be); the Obama transition and the Clintons themselves deserve some marks for releasing the information. But all these donations to presidential foundations–for Bushes as well as Clinton (and Carter) should be publicly disclosed.