GovTrack Upgrades


Our friends at GovTrack, a Sunlight Foundation grantee, are into their fifth year of keeping tabs on Congress. Josh Tauberer runs GovTrack, and writes about how they’ve been updating their site over the past several months, including a cleaner appearance.

We’re proud to have funded their bill text view, making it more easy to use. They’ve added a community question and answer capacities on bill pages, allowing users to raise and answer questions about legislation. Since they added the feature in June, 1,200 question and 1,000 answers have been posted.

Lawmaker pages link out to videos of floor speeches housed at Metavid (another Sunlight grantee) and to financial data at the Center for Responsive Politics (and yup, another Sunlight grantee).

You can more easily follow the voting records of lawmakers, and there’s a new advanced bill search page, as well. And the site’s feed and bill status widgets are more easily embedded on Web pages.

Check it out!