Wiki the White House


The Wiki the White House event featuring Sunlight’s Ellen Miller is live streaming now on the New America Foundation’s site. You can watch it here:

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  • I think it’s crucial to keep in mind what and how our country was initially founded. First and foremost, we are built on Christian-Judeo principles as well as a strong moral ethic. Currently, our nation has gone somewhat awry. Thankfully, we are still walking in grace – grace for all men of all creeds and racial backgrounds. It’s only through ignorance, that men perish.


    On a open basis I have to say that liberty the word means everyones pleasure,dreams,spendid future. Hence it is a inevitable one.

  • Thank you. thank you so much for giving me a voice. My voice is…

    VOTE on Congress… Let us be heard. We need the liberty cap to represent freedom and justice for all people. Abraham Licoln freed all human beings. We are all human beings. And I thank you for giving me this chance to wake folks up in congress and ask for our cap. this cap belongs to all people not only for the former slaves.

    I love your site. many thanks. Hope to make you proud of me one of these days. Keep in touch. and keep my post up. Venita Benitez