Weekly Lab Report 2009.01


So much happens with Transparency Technology these days, it’s a good time to start a Weekly Lab Report. Here’s what happened last week at Sunlight Labs.

Labs launches Application Programmers Incentive. WIN $15,000! WIN $15,000! Make something useful—or at least interesting—with APIs from Sunlight for our Apps for America contest we officially announced this week.

Clay comments old school at FEC (aka, testifies). Who said developers are anti-social? Head Labs geek Clay Johnson testifies before FEC commissioners. Read Sunlight’s filed comments.

On the Media puts Greg on the air. Evangelist Greg Elin interviewed by NPR’s On The Media. Explains in six minutes the significance of USASpending.gov’s API to federal contracts.

A Picture from a Thousand Words. Eye candy blog Infosthetics.com gave some love to the Lab’s CapitalWords project.

Pito researching an API cheat-sheet. New Labs contributor and Pivot Table creator Pito Salas discussed creating a guide/cheat-sheet to linking the various API’s in the transparency space with Labs API-wranger James Turk and Greg.

Sunlightlabs.com web traffic briefly eclipsed SunlightFoundation.com. It may only be temporary, but we took some pride in outshining the mothership.

Great Threads: Open Government thread on opening govt science dataCongressional YouTube Channel risks and opportunities

Labs Tweet of the Week: @jamesturk tweeted: @bitb ain’t no portable lavatory like a North Carolina portable lavatory”