Weekly Lab Report 2009.03


It was a quiet (code) week in Sunlight Labs, more a week of conversations and information sharing than production. The fact practitioners can so easily move between “producing” and “knowledge sharing” is one of the things I like about the Web and its mix of blogs and wikis and email lists and twitter, etc. Here’s what happened this past week at Sunlight Labs…

How You Can Help Wiki Page. There’s a now a very rough wiki page outlining different tasks developers, designers, and evangelist-inclined can dive into to make government more transparent.

Accessibility is Easier via Web Standards. Who knew Senior Developer Jeremy Carbaugh use was once did Section 508 compliance testing? Who knew that 80% of compliance can be achieved via today’s web standards? Tag as #reference.

Required reading for Government Hackers. Some great documents online describe the challenges Government faces in implementing technologies the larger Web takes for granted. Greg Elin put together this handy set of links to those documents. Tag as #reference.

Stop! In the Name of Words. Before stopwords distort your frequency counts… Removing stopwords—frequently occurring words that are filtered when algorithmically analyzing content—is a little wheel everyone keeps re-inventing. So, Sunlight Labs is experimenting with a stopwords removal API service.

#microtask Add Your State’s Legislation Website. I love lists. We’re creating one of State Legislation web pages.

Maven Tim’s Restaurant Pick: George Washington University Hospital So eager was Tim to eat here, he broke his collarbone to do it. Our wishes for a speedy recovery.

Labs Tweet of the Week: @jroo tweeted: “@EllnMllr sent this out to the Sunlight staff list. I think everyone should see it: http://bit.ly/FeXk