Yet Another Bill Not Given the 5-Day Comment Period


Yet again, the President signed a bill without providing for the 5 day public comment period he has promised in his campaign for office and since assuming the presidency. Today, the House approved the Senate version of legislation expanding the children’s health program S-CHIP and President Obama signed it hours later. The White House blog linked posted a comment form on Sunday, three days ago. The CQ Politics Balance of Power blog carries a statement from the White House about the failure to follow through on their promise:

“During the campaign, the President committed to introducing more sunlight into the lawmaking process by posting non-emergency legislation online for five days before signing it. The President remains committed to bringing more transparency to government, and in this spirit the White House has posted legislation expected to come to the President’s desk online for comment.”

“We will be implementing this policy in full soon; currently we are working through implementation procedures and some initial issues with the congressional calendar. In the meantime, we will continue to post legislation on our website for comment as it moves through Congress over the next few weeks.”

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  • Concerned American

    I’m sorry to say but, this country in a bit of trouble with the way they voted. They will see that now we will perish because of what one man want’s. Change isn’t always a good thing! His idea’s and dreams don’t fit all american’s. It’s only a way to line the pocket’s of the government! As you see in the Stimulus package, it all rolls uphill! They are sticking yet another tax on smokers! We are no longer a free country! We are a socialistic country, and it’s only taken the government a matter of months to make it that way! What happened to the Constitution? What happened to this being the “people’s” country? You all will see, trust me, you will see, it will only get worse. Obama isn’t out to make it better for American’s, he’s out to make it better for himself and his peons that vote for him in congress. We suffer while he eats lobster! Think about it! I can’t even pay my medical bills! And even tho I’m disabled, my husband works and I don’t qualify for any medical benefits under his plan either! I don’t want tax payer’s to help me, I want lower taxes so I can pay my own bills! So I can afford groceries! So I can afford to live on my own. I can’t even do that! I have to share a home with someone now! My husband loses almost 30% of his check every week to taxes, and yet the government want’s more? COME ON!

  • “working through implementation procedures and some initial issues with the congressional calendar”

    That comment makes it sound like they have a very small window to get the bill through, and aren’t organized enough yet to get things out 5 days before.