Weekly Lab Report 2009.04


More evidence of The Sunlight Foundation’s pursuing its catalyst mission—using the power of the Internet to catalyze greater government openness and transparency—at the Sunlight Labs. Catalysts initiate reactions that precipitate the desired solution. Here’s what happened this past week at Sunlight Labs…

Sunlight Labs Application Developer sought. Our tiny contribution to stimulate the economy. If you are interested in a large data warehouse project and live or want to live in DC, we may be interested in you for this full time position. Tag as #job.

Please Hack a Project. You can be a Lab’s contributor to government transparency without leaving your job or moving to DC. Check out the growing list of project ideas like blog plugins, ping the president, and recaptcha for federal data. Tag as #ideas.

Here a Stimulus. There a Stimulus. Everywhere a Stimulus.#microtask: Please add any projects tracking stimulus-related data to this wiki page.

Ali’s Take on Opportunities to Improve FEC.gov. Designer Ali Felski presented another alternate home page and site vision for a government site, FEC.gov.

GOP goes API. James Turk reviews. In addition to reviewing GOP’s first big API effort, James has contributed a a python code snippet of using the API.

Sunlight Labs API + Asterix + FF Plugin ShiftSpace.org is using data from Sunlight Labs API to enabling calling of Representatives from your browser. This is a great example of the economies of scale that APIs and data sharing should exist. Tag as #api, #successstory.

Labs Tweet of the Week: @EllnMllr tweeted: “Everyone thinks alike about how government data should be presented so we can use it. http://bit.ly/tsm4