2/9-2/13 Top Sunlight Blog Posts


1) Sunlight’s call for the stimulus bill to be posted online for 72 hours, “We Need Online Review of Stimulus Legislation,” was the most read piece on our site this week.

2) As the week rolled along, the stimulus bill was still no where to be seen and the post, “Stop Hiding the Stimulus Bill,” reflected the sentiment of many.

3) Ellen Miller wanted to know why the White House CTO is still MIA in, “White House: Where is CTO?

4) John Wonderlich’s post from last week, “New Senate Stimulus Bill Recovery.gov Out?,” is still getting attention.

5) Nisha Thompson announced the Sunlight Foundation’s joining of the “Show Us The Spending” coalition.

6) The launch of StimulusWatch.org gained a lot of attention in Ellen Miller’s “StimulusWatch.org.”

7) According to John Wonderlich in his post “Recovery.gov: An Important Moment,” Recovery.gov marks a moment in our history where it is now expected that large government projects require a web presence tracking accountability.

8) People never get tired of Jack Abramoff, explaining the continued hits on “Abramoff Investigation Continues Apace.”

9) What did Obama say about his CTO? John Wonderlich provides primary source documentation in “The CTO Position: What Obama Said.”

10) After holding the number one post for two weeks, “White House Breaks Transparency Promise,” is still around at the bottom of the pack.