Global Problems with Political Financing


The Center for Public Integrity’s PaperTrail blog highlights a new report on international government corruption that’s set to be released tomorrow (Wednesday). Global Integrity, started as a project of CPI but now independent, is a respected nonprofit that tracks international government corruption trends around the world, and they are releasing their 2008 report on national anti-corruption practices in 57 countries.

Unregulated political financing has emerged as the top problem in each of the Global Integrity’s reports, which they started writing three years ago. The group’s Global Integrity Commons blog writes that this year’s report will show that unregulated money in politics is the greatest corruption threat facing most countries, regardless of income levels.

The report also features a new “corruption watch list,” which profiles countries at significant risk for serious, high-level corruption. They include Iraq and Somalia in the report for the first time.

Wednesday at 10:30 am EST the group will host a teleconference on the report. You can find out more details, including call information, here.