Ethics Committee to “Investigate” Burris


So, the Senate Ethics Committee is going to investigate Sen. Roland Burris for his admission that he sought to raise money for the defrocked former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich as he was seeking appointment to the state’s open Senate seat. The Ethics Committee is, as most know, a black hole where investigations go to die. Anyone remember that Ethics investigation into Sen. Ted Stevens? That’s right, it never happened.

The whole ethics process in Congress is a joke. Outside observers consistently declare that the process is worthless and appears dead, while lawmakers continue to insist that the ethics process is alive and well. It’s a running gag in Washington. In fact, it’s exactly like this:

While the Ethics Committee continues “pining for the fjords,” I’ll be waiting for the state’s attorney investigation into Burris’ alleged perjury and not the investigation of the late Ethics Committee.