2300 and Counting


In the few days since the launch of Sunlight’s Read The Bill campaign, over 2300 people have signed the petition demanding that Congress post bills online 72 hours before they are considered. That’s a lot of people who want to make sure Congress, and the public, have time to read and consider important legislation before it’s too late to do anything to change it.

It’s a great start, but it’s not enough. We are going to need a lot more signatures on our petition to convince members of Congress to change the way they do business.  The citizens of this democracy should be outraged that their representatives in Congress don’t read the bills that ultimately affect each of us. We need you to blog, tweet, email or share ReadTheBill.org to help spread the word about the Read The Bill petition and just what’s at stake.

We all have a job to do when it comes to making our democracy work. Members of Congress have to Read The Bill to know and understand what they are voting on. Reporters and bloggers have to Read The Bill to explain it to the public. Membership organizations, trade associations and nonprofits have to Read The Bill so they can be a trusted resource for their members on what’s going on inside the Beltway. Corporations, small business owners and labor leaders have to Read The Bill to know how legislation might impact workers or their bottom line. Individuals have to Read The Bill on issues that are important to them so they can be active participants in our democracy.

No one can Read The Bill unless Congress puts all legislation online, 72 hours before they begin debate. Thanks to all who have helped us take the first step. Let’s keep it up.