Leader Boehner Directs Ranking Members to Use Web


Republican Leader Boehner has recently issued recommendations to the ranking members of House committees, suggesting standards for what should be published on committee sites:

We’re very happy to see this guidance, as committees are the legislative workhorses of each chamber. Transparent, accessible committee Web sites allow citizens real access to the work of Congress.

While these changes may not all be immediately implemented on minority committee sites (minority committees receive significantly less funding), we’re happy to see proactive guidance from the Minority Leader, and hope committee sites from both parties continue to develop into real portals for substantive public access.

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  • “(minority committees receive significantly less funding)”

    I don’t buy that as an excuse. On the former Government Reform Committee, Nancy Scola built and operated a fantastic minority committee website. I then used her foundation to build the Oversight and Government Reform site when Democrats took back the majority. But the guts and the idea were the same – provide great info to citizens. It’s definitely possible.