Show Us The Data: Most Wanted Federal Documents


On the occasion of Sunlight Week, our colleagues (and grantees) at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and are releasing “Show Us The Data: Most Wanted Federal Documents” (PDF), a report based on the results of a  survey  funded by Sunlight and a Web-based collaborative tool created by Sunlight Labs. It cites documents and data that the federal government should make easier to find and to use, and recommends policy changes to make government more open.

Similar reports OTG and CDT have compiled in the past have shown national security concerns lead to too much secrecy. But not any more. Here’s a list of the top 10 most wanted government documents, according to the survey:

1.     Public Access to All Congressional Research Service Reports 2.     Information About the Use of TARP and Bailout Funds 3.     Open and Accessible Federal Court Documents Through the PACER System 4.     Current Contractor Projects 5.     Court Settlements Involving Federal Agencies 6.     Access to Comprehensive Information About Legislation and Congressional Actions  via THOMAS or Public Access to Legislative Information Service 7.     Online Access to Electronic Campaign Disclosures 8.     Daily Schedules of the President and Cabinet Officials 9.     Personal Financial Disclosures from Policymakers Across Government 10.     State Medicaid Plans and Waivers

Those involved in writing the report include Patrice McDermott and Amy Fuller of and Ari Schwartz, Jud Watkins, and Heather West of CDT. Sunlight’s own Bill Allison, Ali Felski, James Turk and Clay Johnson lent their hands in making it all happen, as well.

Check it out!