Rangel: No accusations coming from Congress


Roll Call’s Lauren W. Whittington reports that Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., once again, is saying that the ethics committee has nothing on him:

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Rangel said that the charge against him has no merit and has no facts, and he repeatedly asserted that no one outside of the press ” he specifically called out a New York Times reporter ” has made allegations and that there has been no accusations coming from the Congress.

Rangel said several times that no one other than a reporter has accused me. When pressed on why the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct has not issued a ruling in the matter, which is now six months old, Rangel cited the holiday break and other Congressional recesses as a potential reason for the inquiry taking so long.

It can’t have anything to do with the need to go through 20 years worth of financial records, or new issues cropping up like his dealings with AIG.

As to there being no accusations coming from Congress — well, consider the source.