Vote to ask the President if he will Support Read The Bill


In the  few short weeks since we launched the Read The Bill campaign, more than 4600 people have signed our petition.

What the AIG bonus fiasco demonstrated was that Congress needs to take its time when reading legislation.  If we had 72 hours to read the Stimulus Bill, someone would have noticed the provision and fixed it before it became law.

Can you take a few minutes to help support Read The Bill?

The Nation is sending a reporter to a future Presidential press conference and will be selecting the question with the highest votes. Please vote for our question – we want Pres. Obama to take the lead and encourage Congress to post all bills online before they are considered.

And on a lighter note, CNN’s Campbell Brown endorsed Read The Bill!  Watch the video and then forward it onto your friends. You can watch the endoresement at

Thank you for all of your support.