Dicks requests earmark for Concurrent Technologies


Rep. Norm Dicks requested one Defense earmark for one former client of PMA Group:

Enhanced Navy Shore Readiness Integration – $5,000,000

Enhanced Navy Shore Readiness Integration targets Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) prioritized opportunities for enhanced mission performance and execution to better enable Navy Fleet, Fighter, and Family readiness. Through this program, prioritized CNIC mission functions are streamlined and standardized on an enterprise scale. During this process, enabling technologies with potential for leap-ahead improvement are identified and demonstrated in real-world environments before being considered for implementation. Additionally, CNICs total force strategy is developed to ensure the right workforce capabilities are developed to cost-effectively accomplish the streamlined processes and utilize new enabling technologies. The efficiencies of integrated process streamlining, enterprise standardization, technology insertion, and workforce optimization provide huge opportunities for efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars across CNICs $8B global enterprise. The intended recipient of this funding is Concurrent Technologies Corporation, 5780 W. Werner Rd, Bremerton, WA, which has been conducting work on the program.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation is Rep. John Murtha’s magnet for earmarks.