Visclosky shuts out former PMA Group clients


Rep. Pete Visclosky was one of the top recipients of contributions from PMA Group. He endorsed some form of investigation of the lobbying firm that was raided by the FBI — “What form that action takes, who offers it, how it will turn out, I don’t know,” he said last month. In his fiscal year 2010 earmark requests, just posted online, he requested no earmarks for former clients of PMA Group.

I noticed that he requested an earmark for Duneland School Corporation of Chesterton, Ind. for $500,000 that will “include the installation of solar panels to demonstrate photovoltaic technology and help power the school,” among other things. The name rang a bell because it turned up in my search for new lobbying registrations by state and local governments and public school systems. LNE Group represented the school system — they have a PAC, though they didn’t make any contributions to Visclosky in the 2008 cycle.