Find the 14 Missing Earmark Disclosures


Help us find the final 46 14!* The 111th Congress adopted new rules last January that require all members of Congress–representatives and senators–to post online information about each earmark they’re requesting before they submit it to their respective appropriations committees. House members went first; by 5 p.m. Saturday, April 4, all members requesting earmarks should have had, somewhere on their Web sites, lists of their requests. Yet despite the best efforts of earmark sleuths at the Sunlight Foundation and Taxpayers at Common Sense, there are 46 14 members whose earmark disclosures remain hidden. Use this handy page of links to find the final 46 14, and find out what earmarks they’ve requested and where they are, or if they’re forgoing earmark requests for fiscal year 2010. This is tax day — shouldn’t you know how members want to spend your money?

*Updated: Taxpayers was actually much further along in their research, so we only need to find 14 missing disclosures.