Ethics Office Opens 10 Investigations


The Office of Congressional Ethics, a semi-independent office that conducts preliminary investigations of ethics violation in the House, released its first quarter report showing that it has began ten preliminary investigations into potential ethics violations by House lawmakers.

The Office has begun ten preliminary reviews, six of which have moved onto the secondary review phase. The Office has 45 days to review cases that go to the secondary review phase before they must either drop the review or send a letter to the House Ethics Committee–notoriously dormant–to conduct a full investigation. The Office does not provide the date that the secondary review phase began for the six cases mentioned.

Currently, we only know the subject of one of the cases, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. It is likely that other cases could include the various lawmakers, Rep. John Murtha and Rep. Pete Visclosky, invovled in the PMA Group lobbying and earmark scandal. Cases that won’t show up are those that have already begun in the House Ethics Committee (See: Rangel, Charles).