Hill: No campaign cash for Visclosky from former PMA Group clients


On April 3rd, we noted that Rep. Pete Visclosky, one of the most prolific recipients of campaign cash from and earmarker of federal dollars to PMA Group clients, had requested no earmarks–not a single one–for former clients of the firm for fiscal year FY 2010. Oddly enough, employees and PACs of former PMA Group clients donated nothing to Visclosky’s reelection campaign in the first quarter of 2009, according to Roxana Tiron of the Hill.

Let’s see…could there be a connection?

Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds linked a Hill story noting that for Rep. John Murtha, it was “business as usual” — he took contributions from former PMA Group clients. I suspect though that this headline is wrong: The PMA Group Humpty Dumpty has been broken, and members who were once generous earmarkers to the firm’s clients will now be far more circumspect about spreading money to former clients. There’s much less money in it.