Decline in Campaign Fund Fortunes for PMA Linked Trio


Three lawmakers closely linked to the PMA Group lobbying and earmarks investigation have seen their collective campaign fundraising drop by 58% compared to the first quarter of 2007, according to the Washington Post. Reps. John Murtha, James Moran, and Pete Visclosky all were top recipients of campaign donations from the PMA Group — before it disbanded — and its clients.

Visclosky is the only one of the three to renounce campaign donations from former PMA Group lobbyists and former PMA Group clients. He has also forgone all earmarks for private firms. Unfortunately, this makes the connection between the contributions and the earmarks all the more clear, raising more questions about the Indiana congressman’s prior actions than in quelling the potential pay-to-play questions. As my colleague Bill Allison writes, “Let’s see…could there be a connection?”