Hedge fund manager hosts Dodd fundraiser


Andrew Miga of the Associated Press reports on Sen. Chris Dodd’s fundraising efforts for his reelection bid, and his tendency to raise it from interests with business before his committee:

The special interest cash leaves Dodd vulnerable to charges that he’s too cozy with the very people he’s supposed to regulate, the same crowd many blame for the financial meltdown. It’s a problem lawmakers who rely on Wall Street campaign cash face as Congress tackles a sweeping financial regulation overhaul.

One of the country’s wealthiest hedge fund managers, John Paulson, recently hosted a New York fundraiser for Dodd. The event came as the banking panel considers whether new regulations are needed for hedge funds, the vast pools of capital that largely escape government supervision.

So do hedge fund managers hosting fund raisers for banking committee chairmen bring up hedge fund regulations?

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Update: Via Instapundit comes this Politico story noting that Dodd is bringing a former aide who runs his leadership PAC back through the revolving door to help burnish his image as … an outsider maybe?:

Embattled Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) is bringing back a former chief of staff in hopes of bolstering his regulatory record as he battles for his political career.

Edward Silverman will become chief of staff for the Senate Banking Committee, according to several lobbyists close to the committee. Silverman currently heads public policy for Connecticut-based firm RBS Securities and serves as treasurer of Dodd’s leadership political action committee. The Banking Committee declined to comment on the hire.