Senate E-Filing in Politico


The campaign to pass S. 482, the Senate e-filing bill, continues apace with a great mention in the Politico today. If you want to us pass this commonsense bill, go to the Pass 482 site and ask your senators to cosponsor the bill. The Politico article hits some great points and features Sunlight’s Lisa Rosenberg:

You can learn instantly via Twitter that Claire McCaskill needs an iPhone repair or that Chuck Grassley burned his leg on his Iowa farm.

But if you want to comb through the details of a senator’s quarterly campaign finance reports online, it’s going to take a month to get the information — and a boatload of government money to make it available.

While presidential candidates and members of the House of Representatives file their financial disclosures electronically, the Senate still does it the old-fashioned way.

Senate campaign committees print out thousands of pages of forms and hand them over to the secretary of the Senate, who delivers them to the Federal Election Commission, which pays people to key in the information so that, at some point down the line, you can search the data online.

The result: Senate campaign finance data costs more to produce but takes longer to get and is ultimately less accurate than the same information presidential and House candidates submit electronically.

Go to Pass 482 and help us pass this bill!