Open Government at RailsConf


This year’s RailsConf is going to have a real Open Government presence. If you’re attending RailsConf in Vegas this year, there are a couple of events on Tuesday that should interest you.

First of all, Dan Lathrop, who is writing a book on Government 2.0 for O’Reilly, has put together a panel titled Gov 2.0: Transparency, Collaboration, and Participation in Practice. The panelists will consist of Dan, Wynn Netherland (one of the creators of TweetCongress), and Eric Mill (me). I’ll be talking about the work Sunlight does, Apps for America, and what we hope to see from open government hackers in the future. It’s going down at 2:50pm on Tuesday, in Pavilion 1.

Then, later that night at 8:30pm, in the same space, I’ll be running an Open Government mini-hackathon Birds of a Feather session. If you’re a hacker and you want to find some projects to work on, or some inspiration for your own, please come by.

Big thanks go to Dan Lathrop for making this happen. See you in Vegas!