The Rule of Rules


If you’ve been following the Real Time Investigations hunt for House lawmaker earmark disclosures you probably already know that many lawmakers did not post their earmark requests online by the required deadline. Well, don’t you worry, they won’t be punished for that (as they are supposed to be under the new rules). According to the Hill:

The House Appropriations Committee will likely give a pass to the dozens of members who missed the panel’s deadline for posting their earmark requests on the Internet.

The decision not to punish members will avert nasty confrontations, but raises questions about how Democratic leaders will enforce their new earmark requirements.

Lawmakers had until April 4 to submit and disclose earmark requests; a deadline that dozens missed. Lawmakers who failed to disclose by this date were supposed to have their requests rejected. Instead, these tardy lawmakers are getting a pass.

So much for the rule of Rules.