Another Three Agencies Begin Posting Recovery Act Lobbying Contacts


Three more agencies began posting, or provided a place to post, communications between lobbyists and agency officials in regards to funds distributed from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Last week, there were eleven agencies posting lobbyist communications, as required under the March 20 memorandum issued by President Obama to all agencies involved with the distribution of Recovery Act funds.

The three new agencies include the Department of Eduction, the Department of Health and Human Services and the General Services Administration. Differing from all previous attempts to display lobbyist contacts, the Department of Health and Human Services provides a searchable database. Unfortunately this is poorly thought out. There are no categories, just a search bar, and, at present, there are no contacts to search. Hopefully they can make this more useful once they have actually posted lobbying contacts. The General Services Administration has two pages (hence the second link in the chart below), one for written communications and one for other communications.

Agencies Posting American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Communications With Registered Lobbyists
Agency Site
Army Corps of Engineers Visit site
Corporation for National and Community Service Visit site
Department of Commerce Visit site
Department of Defense none
Department of Education Visit site
Department of Energy Visit site
Department of Health and Human Services Visit site
Department of Homeland Security none
Department of Housing and Urban Development none
Department of Interior Visit site
Department of Justice none
Department of Labor none
Department of State none
Department of Transportation Visit site
Department of Treasury none
Department of Veterans Affairs none
Environmental Protection Agency Visit site
Federal Communication Commission Visit site
General Services Administration Visit site (2)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Visit site
National Endowment for the Arts none
National Science Foundation none
Office of Personnel Management none
Railroad Retirement Board none
Small Business Administration Visit site
Smithsonian Institution none
Social Security Administration none
US Department of Agriculture Visit site
USAID none