Women Who Tech


Tomorrow (Tuesday), the second annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit is being held via phone and the Web. Hundreds of women from across the US and the globe will be participating in the event. The purpose of the summit is to raise the profile of women in the tech world, show case female talent in the field and to build a network of women technology experts.  The organizers have pulled together fascinating and exciting lineup of panels featuring renowned women who are breaking new ground in technology.

One of the panels is titled “Transparency and Government 2.0,” where three of my friends and colleagues (Ryan Alexander, director of Taxpayers for Common Sense, Sheila Krumholz, director of the Center for Responsive Politics and Sunlight’s own Denver-based consultant Nancy Watzman) will be discussing Web tools you need to track who is funding lawmakers, how they vote, what earmarks they are sponsoring and more. They will also discuss the moves the Obama administration is taking to open government via technology. This panel is scheduled to kick off at 5:00 pm (Eastern time).

Here’s the link to sign up. You can also follow the telesummit via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Linkedin.

See you tomorrow at Women Who Tech!