Washington savvy firm gets stimulus bucks


Number two of the 100:

2. Advanced Technology: Reveal Imaging Technologies of Massachusetts recently received a $47.5 million contract to develop, build, and install 123 reduced-size explosive-detection system units and their ancillary equipment at approximately 50 airports across the country, as part of the Electronic Baggage Screening Program.

The name seemed familiar. Here’s a bit from the Washington Post on Rep. Hal Rogers:

Rogers has been accused of promoting government contracts for homeland-security firms that have donated to his campaigns. In 2001, The Washington Post reported explosive-detection machine makers Reveal Imaging Technologies Inc. received a TSA contract worth up to $463 million after Rogers received $122,111 in political donations and a pledge from the company that $15 million worth of work would occur in his district.(12)

(Update: Derek Willis kindly sends along the link to the some controversy.

Denny Miller Associates, one of the company’s lobbying firms, reported lobbying on American Recovery & Reinvestment Act funding.