Where are the Government Web Developers?


Where are the web developers in Government?

Are you a web developer who works for a non-defense related federal agency? Not a contractor, but actually employed by the Executive Branch of Government? If so, I’d like to meet you. Because I’m beginning to think you don’t exist. USAJobs tends to agree with me, too. From what I’m able to gather, the entire federal government is hiring a total of 6 “IT Support Specialists,” which look like cleverly disguised network administration jobs and “off the shelf software management” jobs.

To be specific, what I’m looking for is:

  1. A web developer (Someone who knows Python, ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Ruby on Rails, alongside HTML and CSS)
  2. Who doesn’t work for a contracting firm, but is instead employed directly as a full time employee by a federal agency who
  3. Builds user facing federal websites, and
  4. Does not work for defense related agencies.

I’ve met strategists, managers, new media directors, bloggers, even “architects,” but not a single developer. I’ve met lots of government contractors who work as developers as virtual FTEs for the Government. And granted, I don’t have much contact with the Department of Defense– I’m sure deep within that organization there are developers building software for the government that keeps us safe. But outside of defense, are there any? Do they exist? I’ve asked around, and nobody can seem to point me in the right direction.

If you know of any, point me in the right direction, and let me know why they seem so rare in the comments.