Rangel Investigation Specifics Come Out


According to The Hill, the House Ethics Committee is investigating a possible qui pro quo between Rep. Charles Rangel and oil industry executive. Last summer, the New York Times reported on a contribution made by Eugene Isenberg, CEO of Nabors Industries, to the Charles P. Rangel School for Public Service. The article accused Rep. Rangel of altering his position on tax shelter legislation, after receiving a committment of $1 million to the School, to a position that would benefit Isenberg.

The best primer on this alleged quid pro quo is the Times article. The Times also posted an excellent time line detailing the allegations.

If this is what the House Ethics Committee is looking into, Rep. Rangel may be in deeper trouble than any thought before. Some of the things that he is potentially under investigation for may have been bad and certainly could have showed a sense of priviledge, but the investigation of a quid pro quo, money for votes, is a whole different ballgame.