Wanted: New Recovery.gov


That was fast. The administration is already seeking a new IT firm to redesign Recovery.gov, the transparency site for stimulus funds. According to Washington Business Journal, the administration will post on June 15 a call for IT contractors to “make improvements to the site by redesigning, implementing and hosting the 2.0 version.” This will include:

[U]pdates and changes to the site’s user interface, information architecture and design engineering. According to GSA’s pre-solicitation, the contractor needs expertise in project management, and the ability to “deliver a website with interactive data-visualization, and web-application level functionality.”

The solicitation also states that the Recovery and Accountability Board, RATB, which oversees stimulus rules and regulations, is open to “recommendations for technology improvements for version 2.0 and beyond, including the hosting platform, database technology, CMS, programming languages, etc.”

(via ProPublica)