Help Sunlight Bid on


You’re going to want to go over to the Sunlight Labs blog for this one. Labs Director Clay Johnson announced that the Sunlight Foundation — with your help — is going to bid on the reboot of

We’ve decided to do something crazy. On Tuesday afternoon, someone handed us a copy of the 2.0 RFP and we thought: what if we try something truly radical here. What if we opened up the process of government contracting by bidding on this thing? We together– not just we meaning The Sunlight Foundation— are going to bid on redoing to learn more about the process of government contracting, and to try and build what is perhaps the biggest federal transparency-related website.

We need your help bidding on this and building a credible document. This is a short turnaround RFP — it is due Friday, June 26th– and together I think we can do something amazing. Let’s write our response together, figure out what the best solution is, and give the Recovery board our ideal response.

Together (and that’s the only way it is going to happen) we can make something amazing happen. We’re taking our bid and opening it up for anyone to edit on the Sunlight Labs wiki.

Seriously. This is for real. Get involved now, we only have until Friday the 26th to submit this proposal.