A Little Help for Open Data Policy? A Call to Data Wonks


If you check out phase III of the Open Government Dialog going on now, there’s currently a pretty glaring omission:

Data Transparency via Data.gov: Putting More Data Online

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Most of the administration-led dialog’s sections are showing healthy activity, while the data section is languishing.

The page above has links back to the earlier sessions of the process, so you can review what has already been uncovered.

It seems to me that we have a double stake in the success of their project — we benefit if the policy (the Directive) that results from the process is solid — putting more data online, and we benefit if the risks the administration has taken through this open process serve are rewarded, creating a positive incentive for future officials who will have to decide whether engaging in such a process is worth the trouble.

These communities have an enormous amount to share (and debate), and we should make sure our ideas are well represented in the official recommendations crafted toward the Open Government Directive.

Give the Data section a little help!