300 Pages Out of Thin Air


Today is the day that the House plans to vote on the cap and trade bill that has mysteriously changed this week. Last night, the bill changed again. We are now looking at an additional 300-pages that will be considered as amending H.R. 2998, the replacement bill of origins unknown. This is what the House Rules Committee tells us:

[I]n lieu of the amendment recommended by the Committee on Energy and Commerce now printed in the bill, an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of H.R. 2998, modified by the amendment printed in part A of the report of the Committee on Rules accompanying this resolution, shall be considered as adopted.

This means that H.R. 2998, which will be considered as an amendment in the form of a substitute, will include an additional 300 pages approved by the Rules Committee that will not be voted on. Let me see if I can run this down quickly and succinctly:

  1. The original bill, H.R. 2454, approximately 1,000 pages, was reported out of the Energy & Commerce Committee.
  2. It was replaced this week by H.R. 2998, 1,201 pages, which will be voted on as an amendment in the form of a substitute.
  3. The Rules Committee, last night, released a committee report that includes a 300-page amendment to H.R. 2998. This 300-page amendment, the Waxman amendment (#121), is considered as adopted upon an affirmative vote for H.R. 2998, the amendment in the form of the substitute.

This means that we are looking at 300 extra pages added to the bill overnight. Stay tuned for more and go to ReadTheBill.org to tell your congressman that we need time to read the bills.

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  • Fire them all and start over with god fearing Americans

  • Phillip Cavezza

    Fire them and start over with Americans

  • Zebm1

    As a Deist perhaps I can pass on a little bit of natural wisdom. There is a hidden undercurrent of puritanical conservatism that has been and still is trying to re-assert a Puritan version of government within our National Boundaries. Ever since they were driven out of England to Holland and then driven out again because the Puritans were trying to re-foment another insurrection/revolt in England after causing 30 years of Civil War (The First Cousins War), they have been working behind the scenes to re-establish Monergism in America. Here is a quote that the Puritans truly believe in;”To suppose that whatever God requireth of us that we have power of ourselves to do, is to make the cross and grace of Jesus Christ of none effect.” – John Owen (1615-1683) One must remember that Puritanism began with Calvinism….and it is still amongst us.



  • Arlys Oesterlng

    One statement in the bill says you must have a “representative” review your home to check appliances and energy sources for their green appeal. If you don’t pass, you get to correct the problems before you can sell your home.

  • Arlys Oesterlng

    My Canadian friend says the only way she got satifactory treatment for her husband’s cancer was that she is a R.N. and knew how to get into the system. Otherwise he would still be waiting.

  • Winglow

    Trow d’Bums Out!

    “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire”.
    Robert A. Heinlein

    Term limits then Trow d’Bums Out!

    the TBO party

  • silverbelle1008

    These huge bills are purposely scheduled for vote as members are rushing off to recess. Duck and cover anyone?!

    Are there any rules about when bills can be brought to a vote? Remember the urgency of the Stimulus, omnibus and TARP 1 & 2…voted in haste and we discover the financial damage over time.

  • Curt

    These selfserving SOB’s seem to get worse every single year and they never miss an opportunity to capitalize on our misfortune. The economy is in the tank, in large part because of THEIR actions. Now they are expanding the size and power of the government and doing everything they can to scare everyone into supporting the passage of bills that they know very little about…other than what they can gain from their constituents by passing it! I am getting closer and closer to joining a militia because I can see we are getting to a point where we will have to finally clean house. If you haven’t read Term Limits by Vynce Flynn, check it out because it’s what we need now!

  • JohnnyE

    Lets hope everybody can read it before the Semate makes their own version and the 2 versions get reconciled.

  • safecracker

    During the 1700’s, the Colonies raised up against taxation with out representation. And the people of this country provided us with independence, a great document refered as the Constitution.

    During the 1860’s, the country entered the second American Revolution.

    During the 2009’s, we need once again to review the 1700’s, and vote out the legislators who consistently vote against the constitution, grow government bigger and bigger, and spend our tax money without thought. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and “Chairman” Obama need to leave! and let us not forget the others that neglected their Constitutional responsibilities, regardless of party.

    Now is the time for a peaceful Revolution!

  • hockeyfan

    I think we are long past,, we need a new form of government!!!! this one does not
    work for americans!!!!!

    from a Real American

  • Bill

    I’ve mentioned this to my congresscritters a few times. Suggested mandating reasonable time to read and understand a bill before voting, forbidding last-minute changes just before the vote (such as something like no one knows where the RAT Board text in a recent bill came from just before vote), and also mandating a text edit tracking system so they will never again not know who put something there or when. It would also IMHO help by saying that when it’s time to vote, we’re going to vote on revision 873, so get really familiar with that revision of the bill text. Any potential 874 or later revisions would be void by definition of the vote being for 873. I think it’s ludicrous that even those who have put in the effort to read and understand the bill don’t know if what’s on the table during the vote is the same text they have poured through or not.
    I also believe there should be no such thing as a “must-pass” bill. That simply should not exist.
    And I also also believe that off-topic riders or earmarks should be forbidden. If a topic cannot survive into law on its own, maybe it just should not be. Dont’ go sticking RIAA sponsored stuff into war spending bills and other such tomfoolery.
    And the people should be able to have access to what their laws and bills say. None of this international copyright is too secret for anyone to see what it is crap.
    I’ve just learned of your organization and am hopeful that good things will eventually happen.