Friday Fun: How Fast Can Congress Read? (cap and trade)


At the time of creating this silly video and applet, there were 190,427 words in H.R. 2998, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Even reading at approximately 30 words a second, it would take over an hour to consume. The video only shows the first 60 seconds. You can view all 190,427 words for yourself, if you’ve got some time to kill (and some super-human reading skills).

And while this was created as a humorous tongue-in-cheek programming exercise, it’s actually a very serious issue (and problem). We believe Congress should Read The Bill and we’d love your support.

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  • Bill

    It amazes me that people are surprised at all of this NOW. It isn’t like this has not been business as usual for years.

    I agree that these things need to be fixed in a bad way. I just hate how people are acting like this has never happened before and blaming an administration that is trying to make steps to become more transparent. It may take time to achieve full disclosure as it was envisioned because there are going to be people who will work to keep business as usual.

    If a house is infested with roaches, you cannot get rid of the infestation by just opening some cabinet doors. It takes time and patience to find and kill all the bad things. Even if you poison the whole house, there will still be some hiding and attempting to reproduce.

    Our system is infested with roaches and the initial attempts at transparency is the equivalent of opening the cabinets. There is still a lot to do and it is our job to help hold our representatives accountable. We are the poison that can eliminate a lot of the infestation, but we have to treat the problem from the bottom up and quit ignoring the representative end and lumping all the blame solely on the top.

  • Sharon

    I agree! This is an affront to people of both parties. Citizens )whether Democrat or Republican) need to take note, become proactive and put an end to the insanity that is going on in Washington with representatives who are NOT representing us properly! I have not been too active politically in the past but I am becoming involved because I have to. More people need to get involved. Tea Parties attended by members of both parties are a good way to get the politicians attention that “we the people” are not happy.

  • herb

    Congress embarrassed itself when it was determined that none of them had read the stimulus bill just a few short months ago. I even heard promises of never again. So much for good intentions. I would think it were in violation of their own rules to have accepted an incomplete bill in the first place. You’d think at least one member of the eight committees reviewing the thing would’ve prehaps have noticed that some of the bill was actually missing!

  • Brian, don’t forget to hold your OWN elected representatives responsible. Find out how they voted on that junk (and that is not a comment on the merits of the bill). I just sent a nasty-gram to President Obama his own self for his support of the Pelosi ramrod stunt, and then posted it on my blog and Facebook page. (

  • Flashback to 2007 when the Democrats came to power:

  • I am losing all of my respect for the United States government. Sneaking in amendments in the middle of the night, and voting without anyone actually knowing what they are voting on is not the transparency we were promised.
    Please continue to fight to hold our elected representatives responsible.

  • Brilliant!